Tish Brand & Strategy


Make a mark:

brand structure

Values, personality and messaging are the fundamentals you need for a clear and coherent brand. If you know your positioning and plan to get identity design done, give yourself the means to get it right. 

Good brand structure saves time and money on communication design and practice. It speaks to the right clients and increases the chances of a valuable client relationship over time.

We will develop your brand structure with and for you. 

Brand interview
Brand structure including values, personality and key messages

communication strategy

Once you know what your brand stands for, you need to align your communication accordingly. Where will you speak to your audience, how often, using what media and which message?

Lay down the principles of your communication efforts and maximise impact.

Communication interview
Communication strategy including campaign channels, content identification, frequency, budget

identity design

Logo, website, stationary, packaging design and guidelines that ensure coherence: A complete brand identity will transmit professionalism and trust while making your business look the best it can. 

Complete stationary
Brand identity guidelines