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Genève: Début du cycle de formation pour entrepreneurs

Toujours dans un but de promouvoir un branding basé sur une gestion saine de l’entreprise, nous avons créé un cycle de formation pour entrepreneurs développant leur projet sur Genève.

Le but de ce cycle est de transmettre les connaissances provenantes de notre expérience acquise dans des structures importantes internationales aux entrepreneurs de tout stade.

Découvrez le début du cycle avec les cours programmés pour janvier 2019! Visitez notre page Formation.

Leticia Martignon
Introducing: Our finance boss!

Xosé has x-ray eyes. He understands businesses and entrepreneurs through their financial reality and catches every inconsistency. He's passionate about helping entrepreneurs gain revenu, confidence and clarity by understanding their finances. 

Xosé is financial director for the European division of Hydro, a large multi-national firm that produces products we all have in our homes by the dozens. He's got almost 20 years of international management experience.

At TISH he teaches about finance, consults top management on financial strategy and coaches entrepreneurs. He's fluent in English, Spanish and French. You can hire him here!

As an investor, Xosé has transformed businesses from apartment-run projects to multi-location enterprises with online shops and store distribution systems. 

You can read his full CV on LinkedIn!

Leticia Martignon
Introducing: Our brand architect

Leticia builds brands like buildings. She wants them to be beautiful, functional, efficient and long lasting. Her approach to branding will always include cost and viability analysis, business thinking and soul-searching. 

Leticia has worked as strategy consultant, creative director, film producer and communication manager for over 15 years. She's worked for clients and employers including Adler jewellers, Pictet, Non-Stop Gym, LODH, Rolex, Baume & Mercier, CERN and many startups, creatives and lifestyle businesses. She's lived in Germany, Colombia, the United States, Spain, and - for the past twelve years - Switzerland.

In 2017, Leticia founded TISH with the conviction that businesses today need a more strategic approach for branding to create clear, coherent and good-looking brands.

At TISH she offers strategy and brand consulting, business advisory and creative direction. She's fluent in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Book her here!

You can find her complete CV on LinkedIn.

CEO for a day

Big decisions need good thinking. CEOs are paid to do just that, but most businesses can't afford one. We'll be your CEO for a day. You'll sit down with Leticia or Xosé or with both of us to do your analysis, research and opportunity check on one or more subjects below.

2-hour sessions:

1 module: CHF500.-
2 modules: CHF900.-
3 modules: CHF1’300.-
4 modules: CHF1’700.-
The full monty: CHF2’100.-

Brand doctor for hire

We want your brand to stay healthy!

Most branding issues stem from weak brand values, architecture and strategy. We have developed a service to sift through your current branding efforts, identify weaknesses and propose solutions.

You will sit down with Leticia for a 2-hour session on one or more of the following areas:


Price per module
Business idea stage: CHF350.-
1-person business: CHF1’100.-
Mature business: Please contact us for a quote