Tish Brand & Strategy


On point.


Where is your target market? Which products will work? What price should you ask? Are you a luxury brand or mass production? What's your added value?

Define your positioning clearly to avoid false starts, or realign your brand with a change in strategy or market reality. 

We will

analyse your business reality,
fill gaps in your thinking and strategy,
propose next steps.


Understand your cash flow, earnings, costs and evolution. No matter how good your brand, how hot your sales, how streamlined the costs, you will need to be financially competent to make your business grow sustainably. 

We can

teach you become your own financial director,
put in place the processes and tools necessary,
analyse the past and project your future.

business strategy

You are facing a big decision, or evaluating a new opportunity. You want to invest or are thinking about downsizing. Perhaps your business faces an unexpected threat or you've identified a weakness. Strategic moves require analysis and purpose. 


find your strengths,
evaluate your options,
create the right scenarios,
forecast and launch.